07.02.2023 527

The online meeting was held with the participation of the officials of the member states Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, as well as representatives of the observer country Hungary, in order to complete the founding process of the Turkic Judicial Training Network (TJTN), create the website, corporate logo and social media accounts, and plan activities. The online meeting started with the observation of a minute of silence in honor of the people who lost their lives in the earthquakes on February 6, 2023.

Muhittin Özdemir, President of the Justice Academy of Türkiye, wished mercy upon all people who lost their lives, and a quick recovery to those injured in the earthquakes with magnitudes of 7.7 and 7.4, the epicenter of which was Kahramanmaraş, affecting 11 provinces. He said: “We are deeply saddened to lose many of our citizens in the earthquake disaster we experienced in the Kahramanmaraş province on February 6, 2023. I would like to greet the Presidents of the justice academies, the Directors of the training centers, and the distinguished guests responsible for trainings in our esteemed Turkic states. I also owe you a debt of gratitude for the friendship you have shown us during this disaster we have experienced. We had organized this meeting months ago in order to exchange views on the continuation of the study, which was brought up by the Justice Academy of Türkiye about two years ago, aimed at ensuring cooperation between the states of the Turkic World in the field of justice training. 

We have met in an online meeting with representatives of the institutions operating in the field of law and justice and providing training for judges and prosecutors in the countries that are members of the Organization of Turkic States. Through this meeting, we aim to complete the founding process of the Turkic Judicial Training Network, create a website, discuss the issues of the 2023 Kurultai, discuss the activities to be proposed by the member states and reach a consensus. The representatives of Hungary, one of the observer countries, responsible for justice training, are also among us. From time to time, there have been and will continue to be activities that we conduct with all the countries participating in our online meeting and the institutions of these countries. As with the purpose of founding of the Organization of Turkic States, we are aiming to develop new cooperation with the states in the Turkic world in the field of law and justice. As part of our ongoing efforts for this purpose, we have worked on an official website and social media accounts for the Turkic States, and we have also completed study on the corporate logo of the Turkic Judicial Training Network. If you deem it appropriate, we would like to activate the system as soon as possible.” 

The meeting ended with taking opinions and suggestions of the representatives of the member states.